The Arabic "for Non-Native Speakers" Program

The Arabic

The Arabic "for Non-Native Speakers" Program

This program is for teaching Arabic to those who do not speak Arabic as a mother tongue.
The Institute strives to provide distinguished educational services via all applicable means to those willing to learn Arabic all over the world. It works on enriching the Arabic learning field with excellent and various educational series, materials and aids. It also cares for advancing the performance of the practitioners and teachers working in the Arabic language teaching at schools, universities, ministries and governmental and private institutions, in addition to conducting studies and research and providing verified consultations in the field.
To achieve this purpose, the Institute designed King Al-Faisal Program for Learning Arabic.

• What is the Arabic language “for Non-Native Speakers” Program?

It is an international program that aims to spread the Arabic language and contribute effectively to developing its learning methods for non-Arabic speakers and Arabs inside and outside Saudi Arabia through: holding high level training courses and programs, and organizing conferences and specialized workshops.
The Program Tracks:
– Arabic for Non-Arabs.
– Arabic for Arabs.
The Program Environments:
For Arabic speakers:
1- Educational Institutions.
2- The public and private sectors.
3- Individuals.
For non-Arabic speakers:
1- Embassies and foreign representations.
2- Companies.
3- Educational institutions
4- Academicians from abroad.
5- Individuals.
Program’s Educational Plan:
First: “Arabic for Communication” Program, 3 levels, 132 hours.
Second: “Arabic for Adults” program, 6 levels, 324 hours.
Third: “Arabic for Young Learners”, 6 levels, 216 hours.
Forth: “AlFaisal Specialized Programs” , 4 programs:
a. Arabic for Diplomats, 110 hours.
b. Arabic for Medical Conversation, 110 hours.
c. Arabic for Businessmen, 110 hours.

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